2 red bumps on outer foreskin neartip - one bigger than the other - not VERY big surrounded by size; what could it be ?

the last time i have sex was 2 months put money on; with condom, and 3 months wager on oral( i dint like it, but newly tried it out).

I am scared to be in motion to the doctor because i am **** scared of injections and stuff. So if anyone can administer me a clue what it is or what should i do ?

I experienced the boil after masturbating.

Could be herpes, could be genital warts, could be chafing from a nouns of lubrication.

Go to the damned doctor already!

If it's herpes you can get treatment, if it's wart... then they can be removed. both are viral and will remain beside you forever.

If it's nothing, afterwards a trip to the doctor will at least bequeath you a proper respect for the POTENTIAL of a disease.

You'll need a blood check but unless it's warts you'll probably not enjoy to have anything "done" to your little friend.

quit dry humping Rosy. Use some lube.
could be herpes and better receive that checked out. No injections needed.. but you will have it for the rest of your time. New medications taken vocally will lessen the burden... could be any STD out there or your rubbing your di ck to tough.
If you are just immediately getting the bumps they could be sweat bumps or nothing that serious. But if you regard as that it is a STD the best thing to do is travel to the doctor. No one one here can tell you what you hold. A doctor cant even tell you what it is minus seeing it first. If you use protection it may not be anything to worry in the region of, but the safest thing to do is budge to the doctor

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