1.)-b+5b-2b=? 2.)10-4x=2=? 3.)-3(x+2)=-x-8=? 3.)2xy-3xy=? 4.)-4(y-2)+6+3(y-3)=? 5.)2(m+4)+3=3(m+2)+1?

simple algebra, i just entail to compare my work ..thanks ethnic group.

Looks like Greek to me!
Well, you totally missed the category. This is not a vigour question.

You'd catch a better response in the category where on earth people WANT to answer math question. Try the homework section.
1) The equation you posted is incomplete, it reduce to "2b"
2) x=2
3) x=1
4) y=5
5) m=2

Just curious, what grade are you contained by?
5)3m + 7 = 3m +7
1. 2b
2. 2=x
3. 1=x
3. -xy
4. -y+5
5. 4=m
Holy jumble o' numbers, Batman! How do y'all come up with an answer to that?
What does this out of the ordinary equation have to do next to diabetes? I am confused. If you need your math homework checked, near are web sites for that and would be grateful if you would use that instead. I wouldn't even attempt to answer that. I am a nurse, not a mathematician.
this is no rt a grassland question. do you obligation attention?

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