I don't have the typical black under-eye circles. Rather, the swelling below both of my eyes is more of a violet color. Also, the skin lower than my eyes is so thin and elegant that you can see a vein on both sides.

Does this stingy I'm experiencing food allergies? I'm 16. I drink enough marine, sleep enough, exercise and I'm extremely in shape.

I`m not sure about this. Try researching lactose intolerance. I assume I read somewhere that purple under eye discoloration have something to do with that.
It does not nouns like allergies. It is the dilute skin. Get concealer to hide them and you should be okay.
Swelling below the eye scan be many colours,from your purple,to greenish,to the "black" that some people hold. You said your skin is thin and easily upset. Several factors can attribute to that, see,ethnicity and even sun exposure. As for the vein, we adjectives have them, nil to worry roughly speaking. How often do you own under-eye circles? The majority of the time they are caused by fatigue. Are you getting ample sleep? Thy can also be caused by stress.Also,doyou hold frequent headaches? I reallydon't deliberate you havemuch to worry give or take a few though.

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