.??.. would any one be friends near a cancer tolerant??

mayby i could answer a few questions.. dispense support or jus talk to someone who would close to to talk. 2005 breast 2007 bone and brain.. ego like t net friends and have someone to tell to...everyone i no acts resembling the cancer is catching is spreading and dont wont to have anything to do next to me even talk.gratitude

Any person that would not be your friend because of your cancer is not worth have as a friend. I have prearranged many cancer patients, mostly children, and I enjoy found that most are better than the average person. Stronger, sweeter, kinder, better!
Well first of adjectives nobody should treat cancer as contagious! That is absolutely awful! And I will be more than at ease to talk to you, if you decision to have a unknown friend =)
I have cancer and I will be your friend. Im serious.
I'm so sorry you are battle with this disease. And I also can't believe how other individuals can be so horrible. I'm sorry culture act that channel to you. They must really not have a heart. I would be glad to collaborate to a person approaching you.
I'd love to be your friend. message me anytime, my screen signature is Leeni403. Take care :-)
I lost my mother to breast cancer and I deduce the real press is why wouldnt anyone want to be friends with a cancer merciful? If people are so innocent to not want to talk to you or be your friend because they muse it will spread, they are not worthy of being your friend.
*Sometimes those just dont know what to say aloud or how to handle the situation. Keep that contained by mind.
My wife had cancer and lumpectomy and tons sessions of radiation therapy. immediately she is oerweight. she allso had a stroke and couldnt hoof it for several months. what do I do? You get married for better or worse. She is still alike person.. I am not so cute any more.
People are probably afraid that they will start to thoroughness a lot in the order of you and have to view you suffer and maybe enjoy to lose you. It must be tough to live with cancer. It also must not be comfortable for the people around you that caution about you. And as cruel as it may sounds, your friends probably don't want to enjoy to be in that group that have to care for someone who is going through a key illness. Some of them probably don't know what to vote to you, they may be afraid that they will say something wrong that will upset you. I can bet that it's adjectives fear on their subdivision. I can only interpret what you must be going through.
Email me if you want.
u can email me at [email protected], or my sister [email protected], cancer is not contagious and should not be considered as such, my mother is a nurse, she is appalled that your friends would treat you this way
I'm so sorry for you. My mother and my boss' wife respectively had breast cancer, and one of my coworkers have lung and bone cancer. My minister had lung cancer.

You are NOT contagious and my guess is that the family you know are scared and enjoy no idea how to operation with your cancer. If I know where you lived I'd drive adjectives night of late to give you a hug.

If you want to parley, my e-mail is [email protected] I haven't had cancer myself, and I don't one-sidedly know what you are going through, but I'm here.

Bless you.
i'm a hospice nurse.looks like you get plenty of offers, tolerate me know if you need another.
Hi, I merely saw your post. I was lately diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma and am planned for surgery on the 29th of June and they may possibly get me surrounded by sooner. The surgery will be to amputate 2 of my toes and possibly the complete foot and they will be doing biopsies of my lymph nodes. I'm really scared that I didn't lock in it in it's impulsive stages. I'm 39 and have 2 boys and want to be capable of see them grow up and have fun beside grandkids when they are old adequate to have them. I would love to articulate to you. I've noticed since my diagnoses that some of my friends know how serious this disease is and own withdrawn from me. I work full time so sometimes it's hard for me to bring on here but I will try my best to get on the computer every kismet I get to chat next to you. Best Wishes to You!!
THAT"S HORRIBLE! cancer is NOT contagious! how could your friends desert you when you probably need them most? as you've already see you have plentiful online friends here who care. i have a friend who had cancer. he become bald after the chemo but he be still the same entity i knew. i enjoy scoliosis and for awhile people at college looked at me like i be part of a modernization or freak show. i know scoliosis isn't cancer but i might have to bear surgery. BUT I'M NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT! and YOU SHOULDN"T EITHER!!
I have newly lost a good mate to cancer and my husband have had bowel cancer and adjectives those people that you know are not worth knowing if thats the road they are going to treat you,,I see you have have lots of replys and you can add me to the growing account of friends talk to if you can find the time to answer everyone,,basically email me [email protected] ..chin up and good luck...
email me if you want. I'm a cancer merciful also. I wish you all right!
so sorry.email me if u wanna chat. x

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