4 pimples on penis?

I Just noticed today that I had four small pimples on the shaft of my penis... on the forskin, i tried popping them like regular pimples and it worked... so im speculating they were normal,

the only things that contribute to my concern is that:

1. three of them were together, one apart... but they all showed up together?

2. i was an an amusement park but i doubt i caught anything off the bathroom toilet... if i did then almost anyone that uses a public bathroom is at risk.. anyways,

this hasn't happened before and im a virgin with no sexual activity going on so what are your thoughts on this? I'm thinking whats left of the pimples will go away like anywhere else on the body and not come back?

Ouch! Never, ever pop a "pimple"! When you do this you are injuring the surrounding tissue and, if there is an infection, you are pushing it further into the surrounding tissues.

Now, these may not be pimples at all but something totally normal called Fordyces spots. If it is, you will get more of them. They develop during puberty for many males.

If they are Fordyce's spots, there is nothing to be done. There is no way to prevent them as they are thought to be sebacious glands. They are harmless, very common and most doctors refuse to treat them.

The only treatment available is vaporizing laser therapy and, as I stated above, most doctors refuse to treat them. Believe it or not, Fordyce's spots are very common and very normal! Do not try to pop them or sqeeze them...it won't get rid of them and will only hurt the tissue of your penis.

Here is a photo to show you what they look like:

If that is not what they look like, I highly recommend you see your doctor before you go popping anymore of them.

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