Is fits “epilepsy” disease curable, what is the best ayurvadic drug for forceful treatment.?

I have have epilepsy for 33 years and there is no prearranged cure, but my seizures are controlled by taking Dilantin near Phenobarbital.
Although Ayurvedic medicine is a great tradition, I wouldn't recommend treating Epilepsy next to it. Epilepsy is a serious condition that can kill you exceedingly easily if it's not controlled next to medication. I recommend you consult a physician ASAP to get proper sustain. Epilepsy is not considered a "curable" disease, it is a genetic condition.
doctors dont really know much about it, they dont enjoy a cure and the medicine they subscribe isnt intensely effective, i dont know what to let somebody know you
Epilepsy means the one of your ancestors have the tubercular miasm . i have looked into Ayurveda and enjoy never heard of a treatment for Epilepsy
Go to a homeopath and they will make a contribution you a nosode of the Tubercular Miasm and then treat you as the symptoms unfold
It is untreatable but medications are not the answer.
There may be hope within a high butter, high protein diet beside low carbohydrate intake.
In addition, Phospholipid psychiatric therapy has be shown to also help a large amount in conjunction beside a change within dietary habits as very well.
I have epilepsy myself i took myself sour meds when i was 16 years antiquated and i am 23 now. stay away from video games and soda.
Ayurveda and homeopathy will comfort. Not sure whether it will cure completely or not. Homeopathy works better for brain related complaints. Also try Indian Mulberry herbal fruit juice. Too honest for brain cells.
The disease can be get ridden off by doing meditation for partially an hour under the guidance of a honest spiritual teacher.
I don't know of an ayurvedic tablets to treat epilepsy, but I think that nearby is a homeopathic medication that will be quite significant. I've had severe epilepsy from the age of 7 until 16, and since I hold been on this homeopathic tablets, I'm now 26, and enjoy not had one for 10 years. I haven't be cured, but the medicine be effective plenty to slow it down quite dramatically. If you close to, you can email me to talk something like this some more.
1. Fits is a very common term.Hence please consult a nuero logist& Nuero surgeon instead of going to quacks.
2.There are some herbal medicine in Kerala. Consult
a) Kottakkal Arya vaidya sala.You will achieve address from google search
b) There is a valliyammal trust at Mukkali to hand palghat /Mannarkad /Vayanad .They practice Ottamooli chikitsa.
(I have hear of a doctor Ravindarnath there.I do not hold any personal experience with him.)You can get them by road from Coimbatore or from Palghat.The physicians know only Tamil and Malayalam.Please achieve a person knowing any of these languages near you when you visit. The Ottamooli chikitsa may or may not sustain.But one can try.I happened to see a creature suffering from Leukemia during my travel in a train.He say that he was benefited by the treatment of the said physician.
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