"brain orgasm" ?

At certain times I am competent to experience something I call Brain Orgasm. I close my eyes tight next to the head down and slowly move my herald backwards. During this movement I experience such a strong feeling of cheeriness and then perfect fear ( point of "orgasm") that scare me so much that it makes me screech. However it is enjoyable. Does anyone know what this is or if it is terrifying?

no it is not dangerous and is a gentle of sea sick affect which happen alot in humans it untaught even if you don't realise it
maybe you are merely in a weighty state of meditation!
Its dangerous. Go see a Neurologist.
wow. that's variety of freaky. It almost sounds like its oxygen-deprivation ... similar to auto-erotic asphyxiation.. If you're holding you breath during this act, it could be fairly dangerous, but usually the worst that will develop is that you pass out.
I own never heard of this.
I hold never heard of it since!
wow im gonna try do it lol
it could be an infestation of the medula by brain eating grubs that are feed on your brain tissue and change direction when you lower your manager causing them to nurture on the pleasure receptors of the brain.

or it may not be.

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