*calling adjectives doctors* stomach virus or food poisoning?

i am 12 and two days ago i went to a honeymoon and later that dark and the next light of day put together i threw up over 30 times and now today i haven't threw up but i consistency like i'm going to throw up but so far i haven't ... and my stomach is sooooo soar

Sounds similar to food poisoning. It you started vomiting within 2 hours of intake...it's probably food poisoning.
Viruses usually don't cause you to vomit as much.
It's probably not your stomach that's sore, but your diaphram.

It could be any, but because it's been enduring over 2 days I would think that it would be the flu. Food poisoning usually leaves your system after a few hours.
Your parents have need of to take you to the ER, after puking 30 times you are probably tremendously dehydrated at the lowest. Go the the doc!
Sounds like some impossible food - It should pass
Drink plenty of flat coke, do this by pouring coke into a chalice and dipping a piece of paper contained by. It takes away the fizz. Try not to devour anything other than toast and plain biscuits. Get your mom or dad to ring round some of the other guests to find out what they have to eat, and if they've be ill. Hope you're better soon.

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