21 and almost a complete loss of sexual drive.?

two surgeries in the closing year.. one for cervical cancer, the other for endometreosis. could the few years of antidepressants be a cause? i've finally pointed off of them, but wondering if any of these could be a exact?

Well I doubt that antidepressants would be the cause, but doesn`t matter what normally cause the depression could be. You may also have developed a distaste for sex as it is realated to the body parts that own caused you headache and probably psychological turmoil. If it worries you and you want to improve your sex drive next I would suggest exploring to see if the physical sensation still feels well brought-up, and then exploring pictures to see if you can still find sexual subject thing that arouses you. One more possibility is that with out sex running you duration you are poised to take over the world, beside none of the traditional weakness associated next to having to carry laid.
Sounds like a hormone fewer. Speak to your doctor because there is frequent options instigate to you. You're young, dont loaf.
there is a radio show caleed love procession in the us...they enjoy a real doctor who could dispense you answers.they are on from 10-12.1-800-love-191 http://www.lovelineshow.com/
Well, surgeries DEALING w/ your reproductive organs can DEFINATELY put a damper on things...add antidepressants & I'd read out it's a mix of things.

My advice: Find a naturopathic physician to backing you regulate your hormones. It costs me about $160/mo - but it WORKS.

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