13yr antiquated son have MRI contained by morning for a soft tissue mass.?

My 13yr old son have a unusual soft tissue mass growing around his toe. Is anyone familiar next to what this is? im so nervous mete out the dr's say it may be maligment. i dont know what to expect, please sustain.

It could be just where on earth the skin is producing to much tissue in that nouns. Your doctor has probably told you it may be maligment as a precaution.. There is really no indisputable thing that you should expect. Just pray .. and be strong for your son, no situation what.. I can certainly know your fears, but right now you should be dealing near his fears and not yours.. Take one day at a time and build the best of it.. You should treat each daylight as you did before you took him to the doctor. He will be fine... freshly keep your commander up and have confidence... Remember who is watching you !! BELIEVE !!
They requirement to always check these things out. It is probably not malignant. It would be greatly unusual if it were to be malignant, so it probably is not. Now is a angelic time for your son to start eating properly and start taking vitamins. If he smokes he should consider this a get up up call and quit. I'm sure it is only just a non malignant mass that they will just suction out. That is what they would enjoy done before the MRI be available, but they have to foot for those machines. Good luck.

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