2 cousins, 2 types of cancer.?

my cousin sharlee died of cancer on christmas 2006, now, my cousin donny have brain cancer, the doc's say he's get two years to live, what do I say to him? he's simply 18!

Tell him that he needs a second feelings. No one knows how long someone have to live, even a doctor.
you dont say anything in recent times treat him as you usually would and make his later years great
I love you.
So sorry...

My sister died of cancer. We used to talk nearly all the fun we have when we were teenagers.

I don't really know what to say aloud to you, but i do know that not telling someone how much you love them is difficult...not relating them after they are gone is impossible.

God bless you both.
firstly you sound as though you are close to him. share him that he must embrace the time he has near you all. Not to permit the cancer control him but to control his own life. its time to do adjectives those things hes wanted to do. Dont surplus the precious time he has. when his time comes he will be capable of look back and be proud. nil can change what is going to arise, but he can change how he react to it. My heart goes out to you and your family connections. x
Don't say anything. He will loose interest contained by life and will budge down hill faster. Enjoy the time he have left next to him. For him to cope it's better to do things normally.
First of adjectives, talk to Donny and see what he requirements. He is probably getting all kind of advice. So only talk to him and be nearby for him.
Second, I would hope that he has gotten a second or even a third judgment on it, if not please uplift him to do so. I can’t tell you how lots cases I have hear of that the terminal patient is still alive today. So, kind sure you get the facts first since coming to a definite conclusion.
Thirdly, start doing the homework. Research what brand of cancer he has, what are the most recent clinical studies on this cancer, what are the symptoms and what you should expect. In this way you could assistance him through what lies ahead and you won’t be taken by surprise so much.
Lastly, never give up. Continue to pray, verbs to hope, and continue to poke about for there are answers out in that. There are things doctors are unaware of that do work. All of us know just about a testimony or two to prove this. Donny is childlike and strong, do your best to keep his spirits up.
I hold been suffering next to cancer for the last two years and am on chemo and diverse other treatments.
Just be there for him and consent to him know there is hope out in attendance, I was individual given 6 months.

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