I mess my immune system up in a minute its is drastically thorny for me to keep hold of anything down and i am deeply picky next to food.?

i went to the doctor he siad he dont know what is wrong he took blood but still cant find zilch do you think you know what the problem is please backing me.

Do you mean your digestive system? If something go wrong with your digestive system temporarily (like stomach virus, etc.) you'd enjoy problems for a few weeks up to a couple months until things sort of 'settle down.' I personally have a bad armour of stomach virus that I got on a travel out of the country and am still suffering from it 4 months later. It markedly gets better though.

If you muse it's seriously something with your STOMACH, you should insist on an endoscopy, not a routine blood try-out.
I would doubt that its the immune system involved, the digestive system is more like the culprit. It could also be psychological. When you see your doctor for the blood results ask him for some digestive tract test to rule out disease.

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