3 Yr. infirm beside rug burn, any nouns?

My 3 year old daughter have a fit today (like every day) and decided to drag her forehead across our carpeted living room floor. She be fine with bandaids but I took them rotten to give her a tub and now she is miserable. Are within any home remedies or medications to relieve. I am a nurse but I cannot think of anything but neosporin to treat it next to. I attempted aloe vera cream but she said it was "yucky". I guess it be too thick for her to adopt. Any suggestions? Thanks in credit, my baby is mortified.

The only things I can regard as of, are going to be yucky for her since she found aloe vera yucky. But I am going to share them with you a moment ago in bag.
This home remedies heal and prevent scar.

*Green Clay mix with hose. (make a paste and put it to the artificial area).
*Onions (shredded)
*Aloe Vera

My favorite one is Green Clay, because it doesn't smell, cuts the pain on contact and it leaves the skin resembling nothing ever happen there. (No scar what so ever, and if the wound was too big, you can just notice the defacement after it heals).

I hope she feels better! :)
if aloe vera doesnt work consequently all you can really use is cold wet.
Maybe give her a wee bit of Tylenol for the dull pain at the site.

All you can do is keep it verbs, try not to let anything rub against it and use Neosporin on it. Bandaids arent a great perception on rug burn, it needs nouns.

Also, just take home the tub a lukewarm one and use a really gentle soap.
ask a doctor (if you are a nurse you work next to doctors right)..

thats funny that she dragged her head on the mat lol(not the part that she get burned though) little kids are so funny!

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