I've been suffering acne for going on for a year now.
I've be using cleansers, Benzoyl Peroxide (topical cream), Glycolic Acid (10% - as a Toner) and an occasional Aspirin Face mask (works great by the way).

I'm lately wondering... using these products for so long, are these "harsh" chemicals toxicating my body? Are these products entering my pores...?

Are they detrimental to my health?

Thanks (maybe Im one paranoid (?))

No...these products are not detrimental to your health. While you are correct that the medication does enter your body...the amount explicitly there isn't satisfactory to do harm to you. About the solitary thing that I reason you would have to verbs about is drying your frontage out too much. Other than that, you'll be fine.
Here are 3 great site for aromatherrapy and treating acne and other skin care issues.

If you own any questions, dispatch an im or email and i'll be more than happy to assist.


Be Safe & Be Well

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