4 tiny bumps inside vaginal nouns?

For about 6 years very soon, I've had these 4 little tiny bumps inside my vaginal region. 2 are directly inside the vaginal lip and the 2 on the other side are close to 2 of those little skin tags I enjoy on my neck. The 2 on the right side are inside. You enjoy to squeeze the lip to feel them. The 2 on the departed side are on the outside. They're SO tiny though. they're very tiny.I'm wondering if they're simply moles because I have them adjectives over the sides of my neck and shoulders. They have a feeling just resembling them. It's never spread. It's been duplicate for years. Can someone help?

Just shift ask your Gyno and that will answers all of your question.
Small lumps or bumps that occur newly under the skin of the vagina, genitalia, breast, belly, face, nouns, or elsewhere on the body are the most common symptom of sebaceous cysts.
Occasionally infections may transpire. Signs or symptoms that may indicate infection of sebaceous cysts include:



increased temperature of the skin over the bumps or lumps

greyish white, cheesy, foul smelling stuff draining from the bump or lump!

This is what is sounds like, do some research on web!
I would still go and see a doctor you should be getting a pap smear done recurrently if your active and if ative you still need to draw from one done I would say every year or 6 mo.
Just to inform you that what you are describing to me sounds similar to genital warts which is a form of HPV. You should see your doctor to be sure what they are. If it is genital wart they can be extremely tiny tiny (like mine) or they can large. When I be diagnosed I had 3 extremely tiny bumps. They spread, raison d`¨ētre more damage and you can endow with them to other partners. If you take them treated now fairly then latter you can set free yourself alot of pain and anxiety. So please do not assume the best and see a doctor for a correct diagnosis.

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