********?? :(?

Yesterday at night I give my first ******** to a boy. I feel awful he cant remember anything thats lately to show you what pigs men can be. Ive only be 15 for one month and I didnt do it with condom and i swallowed the"come" because i cudnt spit it out!! do u reli reason i might get an infection. i cant believe i did it i touch dirty for having committed such a disgusting entity!!

Hi there,

Yes you own put yourself at risk for many stds assuming that he have them already. Oral transmission of HIV is a imaginary risk but it is not a documented risk like unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse. If you enjoy not talked to your doctor it's never a doomed to failure idea since sometimes, in that are no symptoms to let you know that you hold in reality contracted some type of std. If symptoms are present, they may include one or more of the following:

Bumps, sores or warts practical the mouth, anus, vagina.
Swelling or redness close the vagina.
Skin rash.
Painful urination.
Weight loss, loose stools, hours of darkness sweats.
Aches, pains, fever, and chills.
Yellowing of the skin (jaundice).
Discharge from the vagina (Vaginal discharge may enjoy an odor.)
Bleeding from the vagina other than during a monthly interval.
Painful sex.
Severe itching near the penis or vagina.

If you do discern any of these definately go see your doctor.

Honey, why are you doing something you dont similar to? Never heard anybody getting an infection, but if you ever surface like doing it again ask him to consent to you know when he is coming so you can finish masturbating him. But please be safeuse a condom, they do have flavored ones.
yes u can get hold of std's that way u entail to go catch checked out just to construct sure okay
yes you can get every STD surrounded by the book that way.
mortal 15 really is not the time to be having sexual act of any kind. if you still chose to you should use protection at adjectives times. they have flavored condoms so you don't even enjoy to do that without one. travel to planned parenthood and they will contribute them to you for free. if you think that you may enjoy and infection you need to natter to your parents and go to a doctor.
You might be youthful,but things do happen and don't touch dirty for anything you do.You can get STDS,but its not unbelievably common getting them from giving oral sex.Just if anything unusual starts showing up,like bumps around your mouth or anything after get it checked out.
um...wow 15? don't rush into something you don't resembling. if the guy had any respect for you, next he would have said something along the lines of " that be great!" ahhah anyways, yea...you can get infections resembling

Chlamydia, human papillomavirus (HPV), gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis (multiple strains), and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) — including HIV

please be careful girl...
As long as the guy is uninfected, you'll be a short time ago fine.
howd it taste jk
discouraging joke sorry
anyways yes you can seize std's from that
well it also depends how lots partners this guy have
you should slap him
i feel beging a young is about blow job and drugs so idk use a condom next time

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