19 month weak "may" hold chicken pox!?

Went to baby clinic yesterday for weigh and measuring etc and notice she had a reckless (she's also been unwell since sunday nil specific just not herself) - asked HV and she said it manifestly looks like chicken pox but not 100% spot on (there is a chicken pox epidermic in the nouns!). She says vacate it a few days and see what happens.
She's woke up this morning and the impetuous is still round her neck but at hand isnt a rash anywhere else.
Is it possible to hold a mild form of chicken pox or can it take days to come out?

im individual speaking from experience with my own children but when they have chicken pox the spots looked like tiny blisters on their skin not really a imprudent as such.i have gone to the doctors on countless occasion with rash that seem to appear surrounded by specific places and its always be diagnosed as a viral infection this often shows as a impetuous on young children as long as your tot isnt getting worse dont worry children seem to be to pick up everything that going! if ur still worried take ur toddler back to see a doctor to some extent than a health company. x good luck.
ring the pediatrician and explain the change surrounded by symptoms. even with the inoculation, one can still get the disorder. treat the symptoms by giving her advil/tylenol, cool baths, and anti-itch cream on the sores. clip her nails to prevent tissue interrupt from scratching.
My daughter have it at an early age also. But next got the pox massively strong. Be thankful if it is deeply light. At a childlike age this is possible and it can take a few days to attain over it.
Of course~! and you can have it when you are much elder if you have not have one yet. Once you own it, congratulations! You never have to verbs about it again. Go see a doctor, will be OK.
bring back her checked out first and foremost by your g.p? if it is chicken pox, that's great news its better for kids to draw from em younger than older?
ok, first sour, chiken pox will be a bunch of litttle red 'zits' on the chest, back and arms...it will not appear as a unwary. and if your doc isnt sure, you need a fresh doc...straight up, no kidding...
a funny point about the chicken pox, its one of the few virus you DO want to expose your kids too.children will onlyt get it one time contained by their life, but if you shelter them , and they dont bring back it, chicken pox for an adult can be intensely fatal
sdo if you hear of a kid within the neighborhood, EXPOSE your kid to this! im so not kidding!! if they grasp as a child, it will be bumps for a few weeks .. if they get it as an full-grown,things can go tremendously wrong..
Congratulations if it is chicken pox, I had it at 35 and nearly died when it developed into shingles, not to mention the scare.

Chicken pox at a young age is the best time, the younger the better. There aren't 'mild' forms as such with the sole purpose mild or strong immune systems. Having said that, chicken pox in youthful children can vary surrounded by the way it appears externally and habitually there is impressively little to actually see, in attendance being the initial over-hasty then is stabilizes and is visibly gone completely contained by 10 days.

The rash can be localized but to be precise quite dying out, you would expect at least a few spots around adjectives different areas - my advice, given the information you own about the local epidemic - this is probably chicken pox. Give it a few days, see what happen. If it still troubles you or shows no signs of improvement or get very much worse, afterwards visit your doctor.

All my kids have it around 4 years old and it be not a problem at all, gone within a week or two.
There are many cause of childhood rashes and chicken pox is one of them. It appears as "vesicular" and "pustular" unwary. It looks like raise blisters. If it is chicken pox, then you should spot some areas of the rash more developed than others (this is the style it develops, in waves). If it is chicken pox, after your child may still be infectious to your other children (if they didn't already get it). Recovering from chicken pox results contained by life long imperviousness, but in some cases a personage may get chicken pox again even though they have it in childhood. In any covering, you must consult a pediatrician and get blood test done. VZV-IgG and VZV-IgM are those specific for chicken pox. Hope I've been of relief.

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