3 days ago i get a puppy and presently i hold rather red blotchy unwary on parts of my body what could it be?

the rash started on my arm, they be spread out a little, next a spot appeared on my neck and frontage, now theres a big red blotch next to little tiny bumps on my stomach and now is on my scalp. It is driving me crazy. I enjoy already made a doctors appointment for tomorrow, but I am curious about what it could be. The impetuous didn't appear until we got the puppy, anyone own any idea's?

I'd bet you've gotten mange from your pup. Don't be alarmed, your doc will give you stuff to clear it up. Friends of mine get it when they rescued an abused/abandoned puppy. The spots probably first appeared where you handle the pup, right?

Take the pup to the vet. They'll give you oral antibiotics, a skin cream and I don`t know even a shampoo. Stay on top of it and it will travel away, my friends never had a problem after that first instance.

We took my 41/2 month prehistoric Dalmatian mix to the vet this weekend and pointed out these "splotches" that suddenly started appearing. We thought she'd gotten into the stinging nettles or poison ivy in the courtyard. Apparently, she has a inherent type of mange that we'll have to accord with every time she go into heat until we get hold of her spayed. Thankfully, the mange she has is not contagious. The vet even asked for the first name of the people we get our pup from so they could call them and inform them they needed to have the feminine spayed.

So, don't panic. Be prepared to shell out some money. (Our look in included her last set of puppy boosters, rabies vac, and adjectives the above mentioned: shampoo, cream, meds - plus a skin scraping and analysis to confirm the mange - and it be $250.)
It sounds like you are have allergic reaction to something. It could be the puppy, or it could be something that you may own treated the puppy with. It really does nouns like hives.
The puppy may own a small bug like lice or even fleas. It is unlikely to be an allergic response but you could try washing the puppy to carry off anything that the breeder put on him (like fleapowder!

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