4th-hand poison ivy? Is this possibly?

My friend got poison ivy 2 weeks ago. I havn't see him since but I slept on his bed, which he said he washed surrounded by the laundry and never touched it since.

Well, I'm convinced I got it except I also scratched it. Is it possible for an accessible poison ivy wound to spread to other parts of your body even though I showered twice already?

Yes, its all possible. Why Poison Ivy is contagious is that the plant secrete an oil. This grease is amazing, if it gets on your clothes it can affect you or someone up to a month subsequent. Some people are more susceptible/sensitive to the effects of the grease.

It is possible to spread to other parts of your body, even after showering. It is highly contagious and sometimes cannot be wash off near regular soap. New soaps have be developed for showering and laundry. Look online for homeopathic remedies or go to pharmacy.
Yes... poison ivy can be spread to diffrent body parts and to other race. Becareful what you touch and keep unfurl sores covered.
No that is a pure myth. The poison ivy plant secrete an oil that cause the irritation in the first place. Now it is possible that you aren't as sensitive to it and it took longer for your body to counter to it. Once the oil is wash of your body it can no longer be spread because your body doesn't make that grease. I'm sure you are going to be told that yes it can be spread that way but it really can't.
Yep - that stuff can spread resembling wildfire

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