1 yr matured daughter next to Kidney Reflux?

We were told 2 months ago that my daughter have a Grade 1 reflux problem with her kidneys. Well over the weekend she spiked a big fever again and vomited. We took her surrounded by and she showed no signs of an infection. Could there be an infection and they cant find it? How long will she own to be on the daily antiboitics?

Everything's possible. Just survey House.

But have you considered asking your doctor those question? Considering s/he has first mitt experience with your child and her symptoms and everything, s/he might know better than a bunch of strangers on the internet next to possibly questionable medical knowledge and single what little information you have passed on to us.

If you don't trust what your doctor is relating you, get a second feelings.

From another doctor, not Yahoo!Answers.
Kidney reflux is a disease that usually affects children who inherited it form their parents. This is really a problem beside the muscle in the bladder that prevents urine from going support into the ureters and kidneys. Kidney reflux causes this muscle to hitch and urine goes backwards into the ureters and kidney.

It usually cause infection... in reality, in most cases this is how kidney reflux is detected. Even though the doctors cannot conclusively detect any infection, the antibiotics should treat any possible infections. I believe they may verbs to prescribe antibiotics as long as your daughter continues to display the symptoms you mentioned. Hopefully that will not be mush longer.

Take courage, though, most children with status 1 reflux, are usually completely healed of the disease as they grow... usually by age 6 or 7. The disease normally heal on its own.

For more information on kidney reflux, please visit the relationship below.

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