2 yr. behind the times have eye puss drainage. Start 5-27-07 newly a rip on cheek. Now fairly a bit of drainage. Pink eye?

No pink or redness contained by the eye. Could this be pink eye or just a virus?

I'd dance to the doctor if I were you. If there's deeply of pus drainage it's probably an infection.
A girl at school have this its clears up after awhile.
Get some polysporin drops...do that twice a day and if it doesn't clear up contained by a couple days head to the clinic.
Don't use any eye drops. That creature is trying to prescribe for you. Neither she nor you know what the causative agent is. And just because it "go away" for someone else, doesn't mean the situation is impossible to tell apart for your child.

Conjunctivitis (what you're calling pinkeye) can be both bacterial and viral. It can also be allergic.

You haven't described the color or consistency of the drainage and obviously I can't see it for myself. The child requirements to be seen by a pediatrician for evaluation.

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