28yr behind the times beside oily/acne prone skin!1?

Hi, I'm 28 and I have slippery skin, My acne isn't horrible but my face is broken out. I necessitate to know if anyone has have the same problem at my age and if they used something for their skin type (oily skin) that really worked. I want really clear skin next to less grease. Ayone use anything that helped them?

I'm 29 & have the same problem for a long time. I switched to Clinique a couple of years ago & it help a lot. Everything they own also has a formula for slimy skin. I know its frustrating but they always hold someone there to abet answer questions & pick the right products for you. Good luck!
i'm 25 and own always have oily skin. i use proactive and they hold this daily grease control that helps me.
Hi - I am 30-something and own the same problem - it is SO frustrating! Clinique products do work all right on reducing the oil on my frontage, I also love the Oat Pure Simplicity Face Cleanser found at Bath and Body Works - it deep cleans minus drying out.

For acne control I started using Proactiv 6 years ago, they had a money final guarantee and I had be to so many dermatologists and tried so lots prescriptions, Oxy products, Clearasil, they all help for a while but eventually my body resisted them. I tried the Proactiv and it has worked consistently for 6 years!! I recommend it to everyone I know who have acne - I still get 4-6 tiny pimples the week earlier my period, but I can effortlessly live with that!

Hope this info help - good luck!!
Many family still have spots until they are 40 or more, so you are not alone.

the rough tips i have are:

1) purify your face every darkness, to remove any dirt built up during the day.

2) achieve a cream with the live ingredient "Benzoyl Peroxide", it works AMAZINGLY. (eg quinoderm is great)

3) DO NOT use any product with tea tree grease in, it have been proven to increase bacterial level rather than backing spots get better.

Good luck!
I am same close to you , i believe that skin is god gifted and i whip perfect support of my skin. I use the best of the best skin care products. I also own the exactly same condition of skin as you.You need a really upright product that keeps your obverse free of oil and shine for up to 12 hours. You can buy it here online
100% oil-free skin perfectionism keeps skin looking fresh and shine free for up to 12 hours. Key ingredients Clarifying Foaming Cleanser: ginseng, set for its clarifying properties.
Key ingredients Clarifying Oil Control Toner: BHA oil-control complex consisting of salicylic acid and mineral salt of zinc and copper, with witch hazel, specified to provide surface oil-control benefits. Also contains ginseng, known for its clarifying properties.
Key ingredients Clarifying Balancing Moisturiser beside SPF 15: Hydrolipid Matrix helps hydrate, smooth, and protect against moisture loss. Also contains grape core extract and vitamin E antioxidants, known to combat free radical, chamomile, and vitamin A. Contains SPF 15 UVB, UVA sunscreens.
Contains a three-product skin care system – Clarifying Foaming Cleanser, Clarifying Oil Control Toner, and Clarifying Balancing Moisturiser next to SPF 15.
Clinically proven to improve skin clarity, treat fine lines, and hydrate the skin.
Contains inborn ingredients known for their inborn clarifying properties.
Moisturizer contains antioxidants and the Hydrolipid Matrix, which helps hydrate, smooth, and protect against moisture loss.contact me for more info
Light, non-greasy formula is 100% grease free.
Naturally fragranced.
Make sure products that you get right to be heard noncomedogenic/nonacnegenic (means won't clog pores and won't promote acne).
Also you know the exfolation part i use the best facial scrub for any gentle of skin is Artistry polishing scrub. It rejuvenates dull-looking skin and accelerates your automatic exfoliating process. It contains jojoba beads helpfully sloughs off unresponsive skin cells, and accelerate your natural exfoliating process and Nutrilite-approved ingredients including ginseng, certain for its clarifying properties, and chamomile, known for its soothing properties.

One most esteemed thing is that this other scrub available in the marketplace have square /triangular particle. This has oval particle so we never feel resembling we are scrubbing our frontage. It cools the face unlike other scrub which cuts your face.
I suppose this will be an easy problem to solve.

First, formulate sure that the skin care products you are using are not making the problem worse. Read the ingredient catalogue: do they contain mineral oil? Lots of oil or butters?

Acne has several components to it, and keeping your pores start and limiting sebum secretion will help profusely. In your case, I don`t know all you obligation is using salicylic wash beside sea kelp bioferment one or twice a daytime.

Good luck and best wishes


1) Keep sebum secretion under control using marine kelp bioferment, niacinamide and EGCG from green tea.
2) Normalize keratinization and prevent the exfoliated keratinocytes from sticking together, closing the pore. Go for white willow bark extract, which will also exhaust inflammation. Other helpful actives are sulfur, retinyl acetate (or other retinoids). Chemical peel will also help but spawn sure that the glycolic and other acids are not neutralized using basis like sodium hydroxide, a adjectives ploy used to impress consumers with lofty concentrations of acid that will do nought because they have be converted into (useless) salts.
3) Decrease inflammation near actives like white liquorice extract. Avoid steroids, anti-inflammatories that everybody like because they are so fast. With prolonged use they may end in skin atrophy and steroid acne.
4) Kill acne bacteria: tea tree grease, Coleus essential oil. Propolis should also work but oodles of our clients do not like the smell. Avoid benzoyl peroxide, which will kill in cold blood bacteria but will also age your skin and increase the probability of skin cancer.
5) For men and women: inhibit the hobby of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase using saw palmetto and wild yam extracts, this live will reduce skin androgens, reducing the frequency of acne lesion.
An oily skin , as the cross implies, is one contained by which the sebaceous or oil-producing glands are over active. As surface grease tend to attract dirt, an oily skin acquire a dirty surface film , that requirements to be removed daily. For more details log to http://useinfo-oilyskin.blogspot.com/...

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