2 Questions: 1) Is within a cure for cancer? 2) What are the fundamental different types of cancer?

easy words please, im with the sole purpose in seventh level!

Both questions are massively complex. Let me start by dictum:

Cancer is a harmful growth cause by cells overreproducing. This is because their genetic code have been diluted and they cannot stop. These growths are harmful to surrounding tissue and regularly produce toxins, as well as creating a drain on the circulatory and endocrine systems. Some are incredibly throbbing, such as liver and colon cancer. Others are almost symptomless until they cause passing such as certain cancer of the brain.

Cancer is not cured. It is treated by assorted therapies. Some of these therapy can result in a character being cancer free. Chemo treatment puts a strong toxin in the those system, hopefully killing rotten the cancer cells. This is a long, body destructive process that last from weeks to years. Radiation therapy target the tumors with large intensity radiation, often next to many smaller quantity side effects than classic chemo. It is not available for tumors deeply imbedded surrounded by dense tissue, though. Generally, these two methods are combined with the procedure of adjectives out the majority of the tumor and any tissues at risk for becoming tumorous. This is limited by what can be cut out. Cutting out bits of your brain and lungs is dodgy, for instance. Often, this combination of surgery and chemo/radiation removes and kills sour the cancer inside of someone. Sometimes it does not.

Generally cancers are classified by what they affect. IE. Brain, Breast, Colon, Stomach, Lung. On a more detailed even, cancers of dependable types follow certain pattern, fibrous tumors versus malignant masses. However, due to the personality of how cancerous tumors form, each defence is unique unto itself.
No here is no cure for cancer, but there is treatment that can front to cure. Cancer is not one disease. Cancer is over 200 separate disease types. Cancer is complicated because it exists in four stages. The four stages will determine how to treat the tolerant and may give costly information in relation to survival.
Stage 1 of any cancer is 'easier' to treat and cure is a legitimate possibility. Stage 4 is very difficult to treat and risky but nearby are survivors.

The main types of cancer depend entirely upon your age, sex, and the country that you live within.
Lung, breast, skin, and colon cancer are more common among elder adults. Brain tumors, sarcoma, neuroblastoma, and leukemia affect younger people. The American Cancer Society tracks cancer trends contained by the US and can provide the exact statistics:
Statistics for 2007
cancer.org/docroot/stt/stt_0.asp" title="http://www.cancer.org/docroot/stt/stt_0.asp">http://www.cancer.org/docroot/stt/stt_0.

You can also find world wide statistics:
1.) Unfortunately, in attendance is no cure for cancer. There are remedies to help disagree the symptoms of chemotherapy, but there isn't anything that will cure the actual cancer.
2.) There are various, many types of cancer. Some adjectives ones are lung cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, and brain cancer.
There is no definite cure for cancer, although some do respond to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and laser treatments. There are SO tons different types of cancer. You can find many of the different types on the website below.

cancer.gov/cancertopics/alphalist" title="http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/alphalist">http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/alpha...
It depends on what class of cancer the person get. Internal cancer like cancer of the intestines, or lungs, or anything inside our body, is a have to detect, because sometimes our body parts tell you something hurts but sometimes not, and that's why we don't detain the culprit quickly and that make the disease spread out quickly. Cancer surrounded by esophagus one cause is from long time weighty smoking is very awful, they own to put a hole in the person's collar for breathing. Long time ago, there are prevalent different types of cancer. Nowadays, cancer can be all see on all the parts of human's body. But it is other internal cancer (meaning inside our body) and or external cancer (meaning outside the body). Hope this enlighten a bit.

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