27 years aged near basal cell carcinoma... is this indicative of anything more serious?

I just get back from a dermatologist who removed a growth I have on my nose. While we are waiting for the results of the biopsy, he feel almost certain that it be basal cell carcinoma. While this in and of itself isn't adjectives that scary, the reality that I'm only 27 years infirm concerns me, and the doctor did mention that that is pretty unusual. If contained by fact it is BCC, does this be set to anything serious for me, or will it just be a situation of bathing in sunscreen every morning and getting regular checkups?

Also, I should mention that I am pretty fair-skinned, and while I enjoy never intentionally tried to tan or anything, I hold had some pretty mean sunburns in my vivacity, especially on my nose, but it wasn't any more frequent than once every year or two.

Once you own one skin cancer then your probability of developing a second one are very much increased. That said, basal cell are the easiest treated and least dodgy of the two basic non-melanoma skin cancer. You are not at risk of metastatic disease and simple excision should cure your cancer. You do need to mind about developing other types of skin cancer.

Be vigilant roughly speaking having spanking new skin bumps evaluated by the dermatologist. See the dermatologist at least once a year for a full body skin check and more frequently as you get bygone age 40. Wear a hat when outside and wear a broad spectrum suntan lotion on sun exposed skin - and especially on the defect from where the BCC be removed.
My mom had impossible to tell apart thing, a few more come back over the years as she be a sunworshiper but thankfully they merely removed them and were adjectives biopsied normal. While still considered skin cancer he told her to stay out of direct sun and if she is surrounded by it he gave her a prescription cream to put on. She have had zilch since.
I only get burned a couple of times, but developed basal cell on my face, shoulder and tummy. (Probably from wearing a bikini!) Now I make sure I am see at the dermatologist every few months. Some of the tips the dermatologist told me was, do wear a hood, use plenty of sunscreen and limit your exposure to the sun. Basal cell can be serious, when neglected, governing to surgery. I personally, have radiation done, then latter had surgery on my obverse. The women in my own flesh and blood, was prone to it. Take thoroughness of your skin.

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