What's the best treatment for adjectives wart on fingers?

And please don't tell me they will eventually move about away. I've had them for almost 5 years.

Well beside continual treatment of liquid wart remover/ salicylic sharp 17.0% which I used as directed and the warts eventually died, although I have to dig into it and rough it up surrounded by order for the acerbic to get down within there to massacre the root. I bought Dr. Scholl's corn/ callus remover (it's the same thing) but cheaper than your traditonal wart remover (salicylic bitter 17.0%) Reading labels can set free you money sometimes!
go to a doctor. they'll capture rid of them for you. either freezing them past its sell-by date or using a laser.
loads of people enjoy that problem. they often do dance away but if they don't go to a doctors. they freeze them or laser them, they will be gone in 2 weeks! believe me!
There's also this medicine that have come out that lets you freeze them at home which is much more convienient.
matured folk lore says cut a potato within half rub it on wart put it backbone together thn bury it & dont tell anyone where on earth & it will go away

or rub a dime on it & next spend the dime...just what i've hear dont know if true
go to chemist, they enjoy ointment containing salisilate tart that can kill them, you apply it on wart and then cover them, after a while they will dance.

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