"nodule(s) found within my lung(s)?

i am waiting to get a frozen copy of the report. but the other day my primary assistance doctor's office call to say that my routine x-ray done since bladder surgery showed a nodule... didn't say where on earth or how big or whatever.. only just said they wanted me to own another chest x-ray in 3 MONTHS to see if it have grown. Three Months is a long time to wait. Have you hear about inhabitants having nodules and what sort of casual there is that it is lung cancer?

Nodules are small lesion less than 3 cm. If the nodules is located surrounded by the lung it could possibly be from a previous infection of some kind . . so it would be benign. There is no course to tell freshly by looking at the xray whether something this small is malignant or benign. So, what the doctor will often do is dawdle for 2 or 3 months and redo the xray to see if near is any change contained by the nodule. If the nodule has grown or if nearby are more nodules present than more tests, maybe a CT or PET (if cancer is suspected) would be ordered. But the only instrument to really tell would be to hold a biopsy.

We know all give or take a few the waiting game for CT scan . . the reason that you obligation to wait for 2 or 3 months is so that the doctors can compare the scan to see if how much change have occured over time. There isn't any other way to let somebody know if something is cancer or not without doing a biopsy. Terrible system really. For those of us who are dealing next to cancer it is almost torture every 2 or 3 months when you take your kid to own a CT. Fortunately my sons oncologist gives us the results duplicate day commonly.

Good luck as you wait. Is in attendance any chance that your doctor might do a CT for you or a PET? You will probably basically need to lurk. But I know how hard that can be!!
Nodules are across the world not cancer. They are more like cysts. Three months is purely a follow up Xray. If it were serious, they would not hold you wait that long.
I have something similar. Before a surgery I had a routine lung x-ray and my doc call to tell me they saw a nodule on one lung. Same piece, follow up with another x-ray within three months , then within six. Now to be safe I own one every year when I have my physical. They call it a granuloma and said it is nothing to verbs about, that be 4 years ago and the "nodule" has not changed at adjectives.I have alos be told that it could be from having pnumonia plentiful years ago. Hope this helps.

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