17 and diagnosed near ovarian cancer-what in a minute?

I have only just been diagnosed near the early stages of ovarian cancer. I'm told I will enjoy surgery and then that will be followed by chemo. I'm still not sure what to expect in the order of everything.

I'm so sorry. This is really a hard diagnosis when you are only just 17 years old. But the moral thing is that this is the precipitate stages of ovarian cancer. There is treatment.

The first thing you obligation to find out is the exact name of your cancer. It is unusual for a 17 year older to have ovarian cancer .. not impossible, but unusual. Check to manufacture sure it is not a small round cell cancer that is adjectives in childhood.

In standard if you only enjoy one tumor than surgery will remove the whole item. The doctor will look around to make sure that in that is only one. If within are no complications you will be in the hospital give or take a few 7 - 10 days, if that long. At 17 you will heal fast. Depending on what they find during surgery than adjuvant chemotherapy will be offered. This is just to put together sure that no microscopic cancer cells get away from the original tumor and spread. The chemotherapy can butcher off unseen cancer cell.

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Fertile Hope

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Good luck to you. Stay strong.
If the cancer has not spread, you hold probably a good prognosis after removal and chemotherapy. You are childlike and strong enough to do business with it. Be brave!
Harvest some of her eggs. That mode in the adjectives she will have the ooportunity to become the mother of her own children if she so chooses.

My caring is she will be stile once she is cured, but modernn medicine may find a fix for that. Me I would err on the side of watchfulness and keep as heaps options break open for her as possible.

After she has her unharmed life ahead of her.

Good luck. She'll be contained by my prayers.
I have a friend at work, she's the department's secretary, she be diagnosed with precipitate stage ovarian cancer about 10 years ago. She get chemo then get the ovaries removed. She has be cancer free since then. The with the sole purpose thing is, minus ovaries, you can't conceive children. I'm so sorry this happened to you. God Bless You
I enjoy never experienced what you are going through so I cant answer your question. I purely wanted to voice Good Luck, I said a prayer for you. You are young and you can rhythm this!
You have a long road ahead of you. But at your age, and the reality that it was caught hasty enough to desire treatment is a good article. Focus on the good. I hold had seriously of family near cancer, those that have have a LESS hard time are those that do not focus on the cancer but focus on the AFTER... the recovering.
Physically you should expect... nauseas... vomiting.. weakness. from the chemo. Get lots of rest. You will probably lose your quill, so get a periwig now Before you start chemo.
That's the down side. BUT when the chemo is over, you will be surprised how very well you feel.
I hope that help. Lots of health and luck to you. If you are a spirtiual being that will help you out a great deal more. Look into prayer and meditation for those hard moments.
I would recommeND a 2nd inference, My wife is a breast cancer survivor which is totally a different issue but try seeking a prognosis another specialist. But at your age it sounds rare but contained by any case hold on to up your moral and medical technology will see you Thur and god bless you.
I'm so sorry about this. It is something no babyish person should ever enjoy to go through. But, please, know that this wasn't brought on to you by God. One of the first things inhabitants do is say, "Why God! Why did you do this!" or, "Why God! Why did you permit this happen!" It have nothing to do next to God at all. God is invigorating, is love, is life. It is newly something we humans have to live next to while in this provisional body on earth. And, that's adjectives it is. Temporary. This body allows us to prepare our soul for eternity. Where do you want to spend eternity. Find it in your Bible. Until next, reach out to God. Don't ask Him why. Just ask Him what you can swot through this, and what others can learn. Also, it is not the winding up. I know that the doctors can take consideration of this and you will be fine. You may not be able to hold children, or you may. But, this isn't final. And, I'm sitting here praying for you and I know many others who believe within Jesus are praying for you as well. Love God next to all your heart and lean not unto your own concerned. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your footpath. Girlfriend - you are now within God's hands. And, a different thing. Get seriously of peaches. Take the pits, break them open and munch through as many as you can. Peach pits barney cancer big time and many patients come out verbs as a whistle and never get cancer rear. God created peach pits.. Thank Him in adjectives things.
My daughter had ovarian cancer at 15.She is 29 presently and cancer free for many years.Hopefully you enjoy a great support system and a possitive additude as this is important contained by your recovery.If you would approaching you can email me your addy and i can have my daughter achieve in touch near you.God Bless you [email protected]
You will have surgery to remove the cancer. Shortly after they will set up your appts for chemotherapy. Your doctor should administer you a print out with the name of the medications and their possible side effects. Be prepared for anything. Ask that they endow with you an antinausea medication before EACH treatment. Also, when the do the surgery to remove the cancer own them install a port-a-cath. This will make chemo much easier! A Port attaches to the muscle surrounded by the chest and a line is run directly into your capillary. So, instead of getting poked for a IV each time they only just numb the skin covering your port and put the needle surrounded by there.

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