. I.R.T.S - IDoes anyone else Have this. I was diagnosed in may.?

My doctor diagnosed me with this, I haven't been able to find much on it. So far I've been put on a couple of perscriptions, but nothing seems to be wroking. It would help to find others who have it.

Yes...I suffer from IRTS. Just found out. It is a relief to find out it has a name. It is an unknown syndrome, of unknown origins. It has no known cure. I actually have a form of IRTS.IRAMS which is Mexican specific.
I used to feel so bad about my feelings and outbursts...so guilty.
But now I know it isn't my fault. I have no control over these thoughts and feelings. Medication doesn't work. Don't bother. People just have to understand. It isn't really me. I am the one suffering.

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