32yo mannish, 80kg, non smoker, clean diet. dianosed high-ranking blood pressure of 8. any tips 2 lower in need meds?

no family history, be told its critical level, hear medications impose dizzyness,impotence and worse..depression. has anyone experienced similar & hold any natural remedies/advice? how do u drop it when you are doing adjectives the rght things already?

If BP is truly at critical levels, medication are pretty much the gold standard for prevention of stroke or heart attack.

One suggestion, though, since diet and exercise don't seem to be to be an issue here: Have the kidneys checked.

A common grounds of high blood pressure is poor blood flow to the kidneys. The kidneys afterwards secrete a hormone to increase blood pressure, thus providing them beside more blood. ACE inhibitors help to reverse this trend, and minus some of the more unpleasant side effects you mentioned.

There are also a variety of hormonal imbalance that could cause this condition, so an endocrinologist might be beneficial.

The most influential thing to remember is this: minus treatment, hypertension undeniably lead to complications. The medication should be tried, even if it is considered a short term fix while seeking a more agreeable answer.
There are ways to lower in need meds- reduce the brackish in your diet, lose wt, exercise, and cut back stress. Other than that you may have to step on meds.
you can take following steps
1 saunter or light exercises within the morning and yoga for half hrs

2 no brackish,fat intake (fast foods have inbuilt salt)

3 take lot of marine or liquids( fruit juices fresh or can guzzle watrey fruits)

4 moderate alcohol

5 good sleep

6 espousal of all the events and circumstances of your duration.make sure you create no resistance .adopt events like a trees adopt the storm.
not sure what you mean lofty blood pressure of 8? that is not a number used for blood pressure measure. anything over 140/90 would be concidered high. if you are doing adjectives the right things, diet exercise, stress management, no smoking consequently meds might be needed. i would not put it off to long to attain it under control. the longer it is high-ranking the more damage it is doing to your cardio vascular system.
Unsure almost your statistics, for the facts on B/P control see a kidney specialist.
if your BP is at critical levels, embezzle the medicine very soon.before you hold a stroke, heart attack, head bleed or do irreversible kidney vandalize! congrats on taking good fastidiousness of yourself, but just because you own made good choices thus far doesn't make over the fact that in a minute your BP is dangerously high-ranking and you must do something now and fairly quickly...work beside your MD, do all those crude remedies/advice after or start during the time your MD is using meds to lower that BP, then conceivably the MD can lower or eliminate your call for for the meds all together...yes nearby can be risks/side effects to any meds, but the bigger risk of not taking them is death.
stop drinking red meat , some seafood, eggs, coconut, alvacados, organ meat, deli sandwich meat and pork.
Choose fish that is large in omega-3. Eat intact grains. Oatmeal, cheerios cereal own been proven to lower cholesterol.
Also, guzzle salt within moderation.
Lower your sodium intake


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