~*~cysts close to things on hands~*~?

i have these small lil things on my hand and palms from time to time that remind me of cysts almost. there roughly speaking under the first lil level of skin and all i.e. in them is clear fluid. i dont rele know what to do about them they dont give the impression of being serious or anything

Sounds like you own a small virus. I've had similar spots on the palms of my hand. They will go away on their own, but I did attain some great advice from a friend of mine who happen to be a nurse. She told me to take Lysine (you can find it at a place resembling GNC or any other vitamin/herbal store); I took her advice and roughly speaking 2 weeks later the little spots cleared right up. If you are worried roughly them, get a doctors view. Sometimes, it helps basically to know you've gotten a professional's opinion.
Look up ganglionic cysts. It sounds resembling something I had once and they merely went away. They also could be sebaceous cysts from over involved sebaceous (oil) glands. Either way probably safe. Caveat: I am not a Doctor and don't play one on tv!

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