2nd examination raise platelets in a minute increased to 621?

Being referred to haematologist all other blood reading are normal. Chest x-ray clear. Any information would be appreciated. What is the haematolgist credible to do? The reason the GP have done BT is due to me being tired adjectives the time.

This is still only a modest thrombocytheamia.There is no particular cause for thrombocythemia. The haematologist will I am sure want do do another repeat full blood count and at worst a bone marrow.
my son have a problem with is platelets his amune systems be attacking them they said it was itp
so he be given some medication after two day his platelets raise again
he was tired adjectives the time we only found out when he started come come out within bruises all over his body
he is fine in a minute
hope things are ok for you
(sorry about the spellings)
Sorry but I dont know.
I have these tests at my GP and they be high as a consequence I was call back for more test.
The second result was everyday. The reason the first question paper was out be that my blood had be stores incorrectly over the weekend at the hospital

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