32yo manly diagnosed near glorious cholesterol of 8. how can it be reduced minus medication?

healthy eater, non smoker, weekend drinker simply, no family history..any lifestyle tips, cholesterol reducing foods or untaught medications would be a great relief.

Avoid oily food and be a lacto-vegetarian and eat plenty of garlic and consume horse gram prepared dishes because horse gram is an excellent reducer of cholesterol.
8 is not a definite number. a high cholesterol number would be great than 200.
You're not contained by the US, so the lab isn't using a US scale, but the go up that is used surrounded by the rest of the world.

Eliminate all animal products from your diet, as in good health as any prepared foods, and in the oil that you do use, emphasize the monounsaturated ones, such as olive and canola.
Please don't thieve this as a joke. Quaker oat suppertime and cheerios. Read the box it's no joke.
i would voice, watch you diet & excercise.

Look for foods low surrounded by cholesterol & try looking online for low cholesterol recipes. they are comfortable to find.
I don't blame you for wanting to try a natural supplement surrounded by lieu of a prescription drug for high cholesterol. I'm dead set against statin drugs used to lower cholesterol, since they have so heaps side effects. Try no-flush niacin, policosinol or Cholest, which can be found in your neighborhood pharmacy or form food store. These supplements take somewhat longer than the drugs, but have be proven to lower cholesterol. I'm a bit confused by the number you've posted. Are you certain that's the reading your doctor give you? High cholesterol is generally within the 200-250 range or high. I've never heard of a 8. reading.
Psyllium Husk you achieve it at the supermarkets in australia
or its contained by Metamucil but the plain psyllium husk is much cheaper plus cut out junk food, freshly buy cooked fish if he is fish & chip mad & enjoy a salad with the fish & he wont miss the chips much
prawns crabs seafood sticks etc are tremendously bad for illustrious cholesterol
Cholesterol absolutely does NOT raison d`¨ētre coronary heart disease and never did.
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