(not really a question) If anyone have Ulceritve Cholitius?

Hello everyone I have UC be diagonsed with it for 10 years. I haven't see any questions on it so if you enjoy questions of late post I have be though it all, blood sample, being surrounded by the hospital for 1 week, medicine, and doctors. So in recent times post

Actually, there hold been numerous question regarding ulcerative colitis
It would sustain if you learned how to spell it. Ulcerative colitis.
There hold been and are, heaps questions something like ulcertive colitis. This is a common problem beside most people, I assume due to their modern diets. A quick burger or pizza and a coke. Chili fries and a burger. Lot's, probably to much to drink on a Friday dark. This all add up to an ulcertive colitis.

We could also add the gravies, the red meat of which we eat to much of, etc.
We're the hefty Americans, the way we devour, the way we treat our bodies, isn't it a wonder?

I didn't even cover tentative tension and the means of access this cause our body to be torn apart, especially the intestinal tract.
Inflammatory bowel disease ( Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease ) do not respond to diet within some patients but do in others.The individual in recent times has to perceive which foods are more apt to give symptoms and avoid those foods. I am glad your problem seem to be in remission.

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