14 year matured girl next to back/scoliosis problems? sore lump effective shoulder blade? helppp!!?

well i own a 51 degree curve of scoliosis on my upper put money on. well not long i felt a lump in the neighbourhood my shoulder blade and its soo sore! if i press it is hurts! i dont know what it is. i just found it 2 or 3 days ago! what could it be? what do i do?

also my doc. said that i would prob. hold to keep on checking my scoliosis to see if it progresses or not. i expect i have no put a bet on pain, &&it doesnt affect my breathing and i wear a boston hindmost brace right now from 4 pm - 7 am every hours of daylight. my doc. told me that even if the brace works it could still get worse when im elder. so we are really confused on what to do. are there any other alternitives than surgery!? have any1 been through the surgery b4? appreciation everyone.

yikes...the lump you are speaking of could be muscle spasm. Chronic spasmodic muscle could form nodular trigger point which could be tender to palpation.

As for your brace, with boston doesn`t matter what correction you gain from wearing brace is lost once you take it sour. So when you take it past its sell-by date you'll go right fund to your original curve and sometimes worse. Generally speaking if curves cannot be stopped past 50 degrees is reach, the loading is enough to hold on to it going even if you stop growing..
So yes, it could still progress...

If you've been wearing Boston for smaller quantity than a year or so, you may want to check out Spinecor. If you could achieve lately 10 degree fixed correction, you'd be at low 40's and should have much lower arbitrariness of progression in maturity..

check it out at http://www.myscoliosis.net
i no exactly what ur goin throught.. i enjoy the same problem ..if u find an answer consent to me no

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