4-year-old have seizure.?

My son, who just turned 4 contained by April, just not long started having seizure. We don't know why, and neither do the doctors. He's been to pediatricians, child specialists, and even child neurologists. They've done E.E.G.'s, MRI's, and CT Scans. Everything's be 100% normal. First they put him on Tegretol, but he continued to hold the seizures, so they put him on Trileptal. That be 2 months ago, and last week he started have seizures again. He's never have any other health issues, or any go before trauma, or anything. We don't know what's causing this and it's starting to verbs me. Several people own told me that their kids had seizure before, but grew out of them. We're hoping our son will too.
Does anyone hold any experience with this or any proposal? (I already know to watch him, and not will him alone, and to put him on his side when he's seizing, and not to put anything within his mouth.)
Thanks in credit guys... Anything is appreciated. I'm so stressed right now.

My son started have siezures when he was around 18 months hoary, if he gets the slightest warmth or runs about a bit too much, or relatively often we in recent times don't know the reason, he have had moderately a few in his sleep, we enjoy a moniter on to listen to him, he can very in the blink of an eye over heat.

He is presently 4 and he doesn't have seizure as often, but he have started to have hallucionations which are drastically frightening for him, but he does seem to be growing out of them respectively one seems smaller quantity severe than the last.

Hope your son grows out of them too, hope your son is not too stressed going on for them I know they can be quite worrisome for a little fella, cart care

It is possible for an allergy to end in seizures, ask your doctor if he/she will dispatch your son for some allergy tests.

Hope he get sorted very soon

Love to you both
I be one of 'those kids' that had seizure as a child and grew out of them. I was on phenabarbitrol (sp?) for it for years. They finally weened me past its sell-by date when i was 7 or 8, and I've never have another one. I do however, suffer from migranes, which they have determined to be cause by the same brain pursuit that causes siezures, and they hold attempted treating the migraines with siezure meds. I didn't close to the side effects from it, but it was helping.
A pious friend of mine did daycare in her home for awhile. One of the little boys that she have in her daycare be prone to seizures though the parents never told her until after he have one at her house during her hours of watching him. This little boy had seizure brought on by running even the slightest of fevers and I be a sign of slight. She called the paramedics the first time it happen. After that she was more aware of the signs to look for in the past it happens. If within are signs before this happen things liek staring off into space, white and clammy, she be told to cool him down. Another thing they also tend to lose control of their bladders and stuff so you really involve to reassure especially a 4 year old who is probably only completely potty trained that it is ok so they don't feel doomed to failure about wet themselves.
My aunt also had a son who started have seizures latter on when he was 18, it be stress related. So when ever he got stressed out he would own a siezure. The bad entry about have them later close to this they took his drivers licsence until he was paroxysm free for x amount of time and if he had any seizure during that time it upped the time before he get it back. Stunk for him individual 18 and dating.
Anyways in both cases they did oral exam after test and found nought, meds helped some but other those break throughs. Hope this helps a ittle.
I enjoy 5 kids and my last two enjoy asthma bad and really unpromising food and other allergies that can be deathly to them all so I can fathom out your being stressed. Maybe find one of the yahoo groups of mothers beside kids with appropriation disorders. They tend to have groups for only just about anything. Maybe even americanbaby.com or some of the little one sites that cater to parents with kids of adjectives ages, but they all hold chat groups.
leslie,,,,,,medical lit this subject,'seizures for uk reasons,test neg,everything fine" is familiar to culture with fungal disease,sleep disorder,sleep apnea,addhd...i've answered like a hundred qs this subject,,,,the boy might see a doc through the american academy of environmental prescription,,,,they're in wichita ks,,,,tenets are that copious illnesses have rationale and treatment in sensitivities to foods,and chemicals surrounded by the environment,,,,boy might be seizing because of foods ,reaction worsened because of ear infection, or a bit of a cold.the tests consist of injection of a couple cc of food or chemical extract,the inventor of this tool be named herb rinkel,who would experience seizure after eating an egg,,,he'd slop to floor,roll eyes,for a minute or so,his docs found nothing on eeg,daydream normal,everything fine,,,,,,,,,but the guy still said he have a seizure,rinkel set out to find a exam that explained what he was experiencing ,the check was the 5 cc food injection extract check that produced a wheal that was corroborative of his symptom.its call rinkel serial dilution challenge,mmri.cat,eeg,these test are treated as the end adjectives when docs want evidence for symptoms.they are not infallable,and in your sons skin,meaningless .the aaem docs are expensive,at least initially,,,,800 to a thousand bucks sue & payable upfront.the drs closest by can be contacted for appt by calling or emailing wichita bureau.the insurance companies neither recognize aaem docs as specialists,nor are they potential to pay for the bill.if you are probably able to finagle a referral outa the ins companies,bad putya in my will.measures you might rob before the appt,or instead of the appt,are to put boy on an 11 hr hasty,no food for 11 hrs,but give him a cup of tap or mineral hose down ,8 oz ,once an hour for 11 hrs,this is to allow body to eliminate the offending food from the system,also net sure boys environment,living area is free from mold,pesticides,fresh paint.sometimes humans big or small counter to chemicals like pthalates within plastics with nausea,irregular sleep,an offending food sometimes worsens the bodies tolerance to chemicals too.after 11 hrs,you make available him a small piece of food,this drawn from the diet of previous week,wait i partially hour ,noting whether symptoms recur,,,,,try another piece of different food,,,,same routine again,,,,,,,,the process is call direct challenge,and take time,,,is mostly trial & elimination,trial & error.within the drs office ,dare consists of injecting food extract under the skin,waiting for 12 to 20 minutes,,,,,,,a wheal on the skin near reddened edges is a positive counterattack,and often the pt might show appropriation symptoms,and doc injects a reduced strength(by a factor of 100 to 500 times) waits 12 to 20 minutes,tries another reduced strength injection,,,,,the neutralize dose is the one that reduces the wheal,hence ,the fit symptom.this allergen could be food or chemical,and the series of tests derive from the long,long condition questionnaire that you 've brought to the office,already complete out,,,,,,the number of foods/chems that he's allergic to depend on the boys particular constitution ,peculiar to him alone ,approaching eye color & all the quirk that make up a human human being,the diet the doc prescribes will be yeast,dairy,sugar free,,,offending foods are avoided,,,,those that can be tolerated and ROTATED which means impossible to tell apart food will not be eaten more than once contained by three or four days.meds may also include antifungals,,,,nystatin oral powder,diflucan,etc,,,,organic foods & produce are optimal,,,,,because they are processed minus pesticides,preservatives,corn syrups,etc coupla items just occured to me,,docs oughta draw blood to do a sedimentation rate,this checks blood for antibodies,,,,norm is 200 below,,be 492 in my baggage,allergy doc sent me packin(was a board certified allergist,not rhe aaem doc who eventually put me on the mend),also might be helpful to donate boy acidophilus ,either contained by yoghurt or from a bottle from health food store,,,they provide assist beside enabling body to use minerals & proteins,,,,,,,a sick kid is a sick kid,your docs typify allopathic medical practise,,,,it is adjectives sense to trust moms instinct that my kid is sick,help him,,,,,,doctors who do not consider the stuff i've typed out,(medical technique that i'm acquainted with ,but he SHOULD be see by one of the fellas above,be he/she a pediatrician,gp,,,,aaem doc are dentists,babydocs,gps,chiropra... same training as your doc,but intern for a couple years at at aaem facility in wichita,,,gulf time of war vets hold seen em,,,,they do the best work surrounded by the business,and business it is
What is the diet like? could be food intolerance (sugar+etc...) Does he obtain enough soak fat and Cholesterol (they are essential for brain development+neurotransmitters)... Did he just this minute get vaccinate, vaccinations can lead to all kind of problems. (although a doctor will rarely attribute this as a cause)

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