"how can I convey I'm allergic to cats?

Have someone rub a cat all over your frontage and neck. It's call a "cat scan".

If you break out, you know your allergic.
stand next to a cat and you'll know instantly if you're allergic
Or, you could contact an allergist and he/she can audition you. But I warn you, it involves needles...approaching the ones they use for Acupuncture
Keep a journal of the times you hold reactions, and what you own been surrounded by contact with, any chemical, dander, etc.. Over a period of time you will see a guide. Whether it is a cat or something else, you can usually follow the pattern to the culprit.

If that does not do it for you, try an allergy audition at a doctors office.
travel to the Dr and have them do an allergy cut into test. consequently you will know. If you suspect you are then don't hold cats and clear sure they don't go contained by your bedroom. If you pet one immediately step wash your hand after wards.
Well if you allergic to cats you would already know from have the other cats. I think you might call for to go be tested it may simply be something new surrounded by your house that is cause it. I know from experience about the cat buy and sell.
Oh dear...

You've had the two cats for some time next to no problems, but there be one with the third cat? Well- it could be that you own developed a cat allergy, or it could be something that the third cat has gotten into, or have eaten. Or it could be a coincidence that some mold or pollen get into the air matching time the cat came home.

The smallest painful opening to find out if it is in certainty the cat is to let an allergist audition you. Meanwhile, try to keep the place as verbs and free of cat fur and dander as you can.

Good luck!
Are the previous two cats short-haired and the new one is long haired? You may be allergic to the long haired one because they tend to hold more on their fur that provoke an allergy outbreak. I have short haired cats and when I call in someone's house with long haired ones, I can not stop sneezing!

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