4 year ancient witha kidney infection.?

Hi, I got a nickname from my grandmother saying that my 4 year aged cousin has a severe kidney infection she have been surrounded by the hospital since yesterday on morphine intervenously, and other medication to stop it, but it isn't working. And if she isn't better by tomorow then they are taking her to a bigger clinic... I simply wanna know..

Do you think she'll be alright?

If its seriously of late a kidney infection, she should be ok. If it turns out to be something more involved, chances are slimmer, but I'm sure shes contained by good hand. (unless you have HMO medical coverage..j/k)
morphine is for torment, need to be on cipro or levaquin (antibiotics) to kill in cold blood bug causing infection. Probably on IV levaquin or cipro within hospital. If this does not work then they can use gentamicin IV . Morphine is used to control backache while levaquin kills bug. Drinking cranberry liquid with illustrious dose vitamin c makes urine bitter and helpd as well.
Should be ok....
probably. they are most possible taking extra precautions because she is so young.
If she get the treatment she needs, she should be okay. They will probably transport her until that time tomorrow if the medication isn't working. One thing roughly speaking young children, they tend to be stronger than adults. She will be okay.
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