"Why do I stir up from severe feeler throbbing while using CPAP device?"?

I wake up almost every daytime from unbelievable dull pain in my trunk. I use CPAP for my breathing. I have tried feeler saline sprays, Ahr (spell?). The pain usually stays beside me most of the day. For awhile I own been have headaches also.

Call the tech that set it up for you. It may be something as simple as the pressure may inevitability adjusted. If not next go to the doctor that ordered the intact thing.
You inevitability to see your pulmonary doc that handles your sleep apnea to find out what is going on. Call an engender an appointment now.
The backache may be due to dry air coming through the blanket. The CPAP has a marine reservoir and the is temperature regulated. Increasing the heat will increase the amount of water vapor that you inhale through your feeler. This should decrease the irritation
You can try increasing your humidity. If it doesn't work you may want to try a full frontage mask. With the full obverse you'll have smaller number flow through your nose. Please tolerate your doctor know if it doesn't improve. You may stipulation your pressure adjusted.. I articulate this because it's hard to utter for sure if the headaches are sinus headache or due to poor ventilation foremost to carbon dioxide build up.
It can also be a sign of incompatibility with CPAP modality, which would be an indication that you might be eligible for a UPPP.

Take it if you can. It's no worse than a tonsillectomy and heal much faster.

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