"Diabetic Diarrhea"?

I've had diarrhea for 4 months in a minute. I go between 6 - 10 times a year and have lost 20lbs. I do enjoy good days and merely go 5 times sometimes, but usually it's more or less once every hour and a half. It's really gotten contained by the way of my day by day living since I don't have much advisory before I own to go.

I've be seeing a g.i. specialist and he's done extensive testing. From blood work and stool specimens to colonoscopies and CT scan, he's tried everything. I've been on s few different series of medicine including prilosec, ultrase and flora-q, to name a few. Nothing seem to help next to the diarrhea. I've been a brittle diabetic for 25 years.

He said that diabetic diarrhea can't be diagnosed. It's more of a "powerfully, we've ruled everything else out, so.".

Does anyone out there enjoy diabetic diarrhea? Has anyone ever heard of diabetic diarrhea? I would sure appreciate knowing that I am not alone beside this struggle. Thanks in mortgage.

I have be dibetic for 45 years. I have this problem when my sugar is too illustrious. When my sugar is normal it not often happens.
I enjoy a suggestion. This may seem counter-intuitive, but try taking a couple of scoop of Metamucil (or some generic equivalent) each morning. Most people ruminate of it as a laxative, but actually the psyllium surrounded by the stool soaks up moisture, so it can have the different effect with chronic diarrhea.kinda resembling adding flour to gravy drippings until you take the consistency you want...gross analogy I know, but it is the best comparison I have come up beside. My mother had chronic diarrhea due to a colon resection and this strategy have helped her greatly. I hope it works, but if it doesn't...no harm...no foul. It's a not dangerous strategy and actually upright for you.

Good luck.

PS: Give it about 3 days in the past you decide if it is working or not. It take about that long for the psyllium to work its style throughout your system. Also, you may find that 1 scoop is ample, but don't be afraid to go up to 2 or 3 if you don't see the "consistency" you want next to 1. It won't hurt you.
i got diabetes when i be 7 and now i am 37. i know what you are discussion about. i have that problem when my blood sugar was illustrious. i think it be the sugar in your body. try to hang on to your sugar levels at a middle-of-the-road rate.i used Imodium id, it seem to work good for me. be sure to hold your self full of fluids.
Regardless of what you call it...I would treat it similar to colitis. Being diabetic can kind it trickier...but not impossible to control. I would start with getting the 'flora'/yeast contained by your intestinal system under control. This will pinch time! Acidophilus taken 2-3 times daily...(will not interfere near medication, but check with your doc) An overabundance of candida/flora/yeast is vastly common next to diabetics. I would also recommend a type of bulking agent...but if you are taking oral meds for the diabetes or anything else you must take them at different times. Health food stores get various fiber supplements - I use/recommend one near psyllium, bentonite clay, marshmallow root, apple pectin and a couple others. Start reading up on these. Because they will bulk up stool, it can start to slow things down. They also 'absorb' things, so this is why you have to rob them at different times than medications so they don't occupy the meds! Take a few hours in between medication. (the acidiphilous is fine anytime)

Bottom line, hopefully you can want out a Natural Therapist or Naturopathic Doctor to help you find what works. I know tons such as yourself who have gotten nouns. Just check with your doctor as you turn. Good luck!
Have you thought about islet cell transplant or pancreas transplant? My cousin be a brittle type 1 diabetic and she had a pancreas transplant going on for 10 years ago and is doing well very soon. here are some links..

Islet cell transplant
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http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/islet-c... (mayo clinic)

Pancreas transplant
http://www.pancreastransplant.org/... (pancreas transplant)
http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/... (pancreas transplant)

Soluable fibers (and diabetes)
http://www.konjacfoods.com/fiber/fiberos... (list of foods with soluable and insoluable fiber)
http://www.konjacfoods.com/fiber.htm... (a fiber supplement)

Could you be lactose intolerant or enjoy some sort of food allergy or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)?

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