A dog bit my feeler, and the bite is pretty weighty. What's the fastest passageway to brand it treat?

I soaked it in reheat water, cleaned it beside alcohol, and put polysporin on it.

Is there anything else I can do to sort it heals faster? AND also to prevent scarring?

Yeah... the bite is pretty deep. There are two smaller shallow bites, and one immense one right on the button of my nose. The dog be quite small... if the dog be any bigger it would've taken my whole facade off.

Answers:    Advice: See a doctor. A open bite comes with other complications, approaching bacterial infections, tetanus or (God forbid) rabies. They can also check to see if there's any damage to the underlying skin/bone/cartilage. Do it today.
a doctor pop in of course! They enjoy special stuff. You know that could also get infected...

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