16, girl next to chest aching??

I'm a 16 year old girl, and only just ive been getting chest pains. They a short time ago come suddenly sometimes and its usually a short sharp pain but it go away then. It's kinda within the left side of my chest.
I dont know what it could be, I'm not overweight, i excercies regularly and there's no history of heart problems or anything close to that in my clan.
I have exams coming up surrounded by school subsequent week which i'm worried about, could this be affecting it??

Answers:    I have the exact same problem but come to find out it was my bra that made me enjoy chest pains. But what you should do is to go to the doctor newly in overnight case.If not just relax and lug deep breaths. Also while doing this you should sit up and not lay down because it will hurt more.
If its contained by the left of your chest mostly, net sure you get checkup on heart(it could be possibility), and try to remember if anyone bumped or something bumped into you at chest. But I remember one time my chest hurted be because I bought a bra that was too tight around..lol, but i dont feel that pertains to you, I also have exams subsequent week! Dont be worried try to forget about it for a while ,have someone comfort you by have massage or appropriate warm hip bath..good luck

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