10 points! if you burned your finger or sliced a few layer of your skin past its sell-by date, will the fingerprints come wager on?

tell me if you enjoy personal experience also.

Answers:    Yes they will. Your fingerprint is imprinted on respectively and every layer of skin and we shed our skin on a daily basis. New layers are constantly replacing the antediluvian, all over our body. Same go for the prints on our feet.
It is true though that if you cut a finger thoughtful enough, the mutilation tissue will add another dimension to your fingerprint. Definitely easier to trace!
You would truly need to burn respectively and every finger right to the bone or cut off respectively finger in demand to be completely rid of your finger prints. Of course, if you leave the appendage intact without fingers, later you could be identified through your palm prints.
Yes, but they are slightly altered by the scar tissue (if any) making the prints in truth easier to trace. Why would you do that?

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