?Hypnosis shows?

Has anyone been hypnotized during a hypnosis show or is a stage hypnotist??

Answers:    my senior grad dark we had a hypnotist. I be very skeptical of it until a friend of mine get up. He doesn't remember a thing going on for being onstage and feel like he have a full night's sleep. Another time I went to Vegas and saw "the hypnosis doctor". He have been on Howard Stern beforehand and thought, "what the heck. I'll check it out." He seemed convincing satisfactory, and the people that be up there said like peas in a pod thing as my friend: they don't remember anything and feel well rested. Contrary to popular belief, usually more intelligent relatives can be hypnotized
its all a stage show ,my friend and i be picked from the audience along with 18 other society if you played along with the show you get to stay on stage if you" didn't go under" you be asked to leave the stage .

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