24/7 Fatigue, and other symptons. Help?

Im 15, i go to bed at 10, get up up at 7. I am tired in the beggining, but thats only just normal. But the adjectives day i am EXHAUSTED, and im other feeling tired. After institution i try to do my homework then i decline asleep. I wake up then and then leak back asleep. No thing how much i sleep i am always tired...

Also, i own a constant minor sore through, i drink, it doesnt go away. i own a bad cough, and sometimes stomach pains...I bear medecine, but my parents think im only just whining, and every day i repeat the above process...I want to run to a docotor but they dont feel it necesary since im "faking"

Am i sick? I deem i am. What should i do?

Answers:    Yes your symptoms are deff. sounding like mono. The polite news is that mono go away in give or take a few 6 weeks and there isn't much you can do until later other then seize as much rest as you can and stay hydrated. Also, as the posted above me mentioned, go to the arts school nurse as they see this kind of entry constantly and maybe he/she will know how to speak with your parents. One other entity, if it is mono, don't do any strenuous exercise because mono causes your spleen to increase and if you do something too much you can potentially rupture your spleen. Best of luck!
Sounds like you could own mono. You need to see a doctor and maybe your school nurse could telephone call your parents for you.

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