3yr older boy beside leg and knees agony?

My 3 yr. old boy seem to be having really fruitless leg and knee pains...To the point that he can't even totter...I'm not sure its growing pains..Cause with growing pains at smallest you can walk...But sometimes when he eat something he says he feel better, So I need some minister to on this...

Answers:    WoW..I am responding to this NOW, as should you...Take the time to read no more...A young Lady I know have her 3 yr old son switch on with the deeply issues you're speaking of, not even being competent to get to his own topical B-Day toys..he couldn't walk..he couldn't crawl due to the torment he was contained by. We urged her to take him surrounded by, Babes just don't hurt resembling that...I strongly felt there's something wrong here, wondering if he have somehow fallen and broken bones...Finally, he be taken into the hospital in Portland OR..a great place for beneficial, PERIOD, not to mention DIAGNOSTICS!! He had Leukemia...this type of cramp, ability to put away, etc. being a classical symptom; following learned from the Pediatric Oncologists...He is fine today, but lug your son in NOW..not surrounded by a few, or tomorrow, or whatever..NOW!! God Bless and keep watch on over him and your family too, and may it be something slighter of this evil..best to be SAFE...Hugs & Prayers for all
Take him to the doctor.

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