2nd amount burn wound on lower leg-How do I treat it so it will restore to health..?

I unfortantely burned myself with a hot hose down bottle while I fell asleep. I got a second amount burn wound now on my lower leg, & it have a blister at first which burst a few days later. It is closing and looking better, but I very soon have this darkened nouns around it, and it looks bad.
Does anyone, know of what I could use to help out it heal better so that I can go and get rid of that darkened area around it?
I hold been using a wound patch that I bought from Shoppers, by Johnson & Johnsons, & it seem to be helping. But the dark nouns is now my concern.

Answers:    The intermingle below has some home treatment planning. Me personally, I would get hold of as much aloe as possible. I own an aloe plant because pure aloe is about the best entry you can get because prescribed medication for soothing and helping rest from a burn. A second-degree is quite a objectionable burn so I hope this helps.

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