*my lame boyfriend have beeen gettting canker sores...*?

**i need to know why and how you can stifle the pain or win rid of them so that they don't keep coming fund...it really grosses me out**

Answers:    Ps: Agent 40: U do not get chancre near herpes simplex (not complex)

Ur bf has be fooling around with other girls copious times to be getting syphilitic chancres. So y r u still with him...?

All he wants to do is take a shot of penicillin till it go of. And even if it goes rotten without penicillin, it may remain contained by his bloodstream, so dont u go have sex with him
check the lip balm nouns in the store. I regard its called abreva.
Its a herpes complex. I hear on the radio 8 out of 10 people obtain them. its for life, smoothly spreadable.

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