5 hours sleep?

is it healthy to bring back 5 hours sleep? If not then what are the side effects....and by the course i am 12 if that changes the side effects

Answers:    It is best to sleep for 6-8 hrs day by day (especially at younger ages 8 hrs.) to remain active and fresh. It have countless benefits like concentration smooth increases, it also brings more glow on your facade, keeps you away from heart diseases, reduce stress, helps within keeping one fit, gets rid of stress and let body and mind the deserved rest needed, helps contained by improving memory and eyesight.
Overall a accurate sound sleep of atleast 7 hrs is a must..though sleeping too much can also be harmul so bear care of your sleep and donot compromise on it.
The point is that sleeping for 5 hrs is also fine and doesnot hold any risks or harms but sleeping for more can help you hang on to your mind and body in a better state.
8 hours of sleep will be other good for you

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