75+ years older put money on surgery?

My grandmother just turned 78 and she have had vertebrae pain for nearly 6 months. She went to a chiropractor and she said it hurt and hence did not go posterior. She is seeing another Dr. but says it is not helping. She is taking distress pills to manage the strain and she use to walk 4 miles a afternoon until her back started hurting. She is presently convinced she needs surgery. I am thinking since no own flesh and blood lives closer than 1 hour away after surgery she will have to step into a rehab place for a while until she recovers... I verbs that at her age something could easily jump wrong in surgery but I can not find ample info to support my thoughts. Anyone else been through something similar and regretted have a loved one have the surgery or be it successful and what was the restore your health time?

Answers:    At 78 the Discs should be fully dehydrated so you can rule out disc problem. She wants a MRI to rule out disc fragments, Arthritis and other problems with age. I doubt they will bestow her Surgery, until they know what is causing the problem. Therefore you hold a long way to be in motion yet past you start to worry around REHAB. Your Grandmother thinks Surgery will CURE her, when the throbbing could be a pulled muscle. Good Luck
Im know few about surgery. God bless your grandmother. I hope she can get better soon.

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