2 yrs ago I get surrounded by next to the wrong crowd and used cocaine for 2 wks the stopped. Is in attendance any long residence effects

Sorry if this is a dumb question but it have been troubling me.

Answers:    Maybe loss of a few brain cell?
Unless you had too much where on earth it caused your heart to speed up deeply, then you might want to bring it checked out.
i've only done coke once, and my heart sped up so much and i feel like i be gonna choke. that was ample for me!
lol. you'll be fine :]
You're lucky you didn't become addicted. If you don't crave it, ever, then I would reason you are fine. From what I can see, the highest risk of trying it is getting addicted. You kill some brain cells, but if you're have no other problems 2 years after trying it, then I come up with you're ok. I wouldn't try it again though. The risks are too high

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